Beneath The Flowers

Melynda is the designer I worked for when I had gone to Vancouver Canada for fashion week last year. She created a new spring collection titled Beneath the Flowers, and of course we had to shoot the wardrobe while the California wildflowers were in bloom!!!   Advertisements

InFitness Sneak Peek! 

Not to toot my own horn buuuut… Yesterday I shot some AMAZING photos for InFitness Apparel’s lookbook to showcase their new line of merchandise.  I don’t have permission to post them ALL yet, but here’s a oeek at what we got yesterday… 

VALS Clothing

VALS Clothing is a small business that my friend Sabrina created. The brand (Value Alternative Life Styles) was created to liberate the LGBT community. Here is a straight copy and paste directly from the website: “Individualization has helped the LGBT community grow, and VALS will continue to emphasize that. We are bringing a more artistic … More VALS Clothing

Crossfit Momma!

Samantha meet her boyfriend Daniel in a crossfit gym that he owns, so why not have a crossfit maternity shoot?! We had to do them asap as she’s due in April. The pictures came out so fun, and they’re perfect for each other. They’re so playful, and the way he looks at her definitely is … More Crossfit Momma!